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The moment you enter Manhattan, you feel the City, the visceral swirling energy of it. There’s something new around every corner to try, and the taste of all that NYC has to offer will leave you hungry for more. Take a bite of the Big Apple and you’re hooked. New York is a melting pot of hopes & dreams. It will steal your heart. This is the first reason, I love NY.

Next, the New York City skyline, WOW! The most iconic skyline in the world. When people talk about skylines, we bet that midtown Manhattan—home to the cloud-piercing spires of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings—is what they’re imagining. Manhattan’s skyscraper supremacy was cemented throughout the 20th century. Devoted to tall towers, Gotham is also the birthplace of the word 'skyscraper'. 

We feel living in NYC is better than living anywhere else in the world, from the gridlines streets, and underground subway, to the tops of our skyline. Facts prove NYC’s superiority, spanning everything from our superlative pizza to our expansive arts and culture scene, to our place in history as an incubator of innovation, be it architectural, technological or sartorial. 

In New York City we live in a bubble, but what a bubble! From the intellectuals, to artists, from native New Yorkers to new immigrants, we will never stop wanting to call this city home. Because the City is still ours, the city is still the same fairy tale. Everything we go through is worth it.
I love New York City, I♥︎NY!

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