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Aaah Paris. 
Paris has the ability to draw the world in. It’s a place to fall in love for the first time or all over again. I love Paris because of how completely content I feel when I am there. There is something magical over the skies of Paris. It’s the glamour of museums, cafés, the people, the sidewalks, the cute restaurants, the parks, the gardens, the nightlife, the architecture, and je ne sais quoi that exists. 

We love the walks by the Seine, the little parks discovered by happenstance, the blooming gardens of late May, the markets where we can walk for hours happily looking at the unbelievable selection of fruit, veggies, meats, pastries, bread, cheese, spreads, etc, etc, the great house wine in almost every bistro, cafe and restaurant we try, having a glass of wine with the most wonderful cheese and bread in the late afternoon after a full day of walking. The Eiffel Tower twinkling for us every night, the museums that share their precious treasures with us, the many different arrondissements, each with their own treasures and character. The bustling city, the unbelievable churches, the architecture, the small and winding roads, the grand boulevards.

The mystique of Paris is that it is so established and ancient. It has history and ancient stories to be told. It’s a city to explore, filled with art museums, famous statues, pristine gardens, and exceptionally great food. Imagine walking through it’s winding stone street, hearing an accordion quietly playing, the smell of hot chestnuts, wide boulevards and beautiful buildings in a neoclassical style, pâtisseries and boulangeries. I love being able to walk everywhere and know that even when we get lost, we will be rewarded by beautiful scenery, a new cafe or bistro discovery. Wherever we are at that moment, always seems to be the right place to be. 

Paris has a “joie de vivre” about life. We love the ability to enjoy a nice rosé outside a Parisian café and take a break from our day. Paris teaches us to enjoy people’s company and learn to enjoy the little things. In a way Paris helps us to live a more relaxed life and to let beauty in.
This is why we love Paris, I♥︎PARIS!

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