01 OhLaLa Paris Dawn

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The Heart of Paris

A WHIRLING PANORAMA of the Parisian skyline as the sun rises, it’s pastel and crimson color over the city of romance. Highlighting the Eiffel Tower at the top, with other noted tourist favorites like The Parc du Champ de Mars and the Ecole Militaire at the swirling center of this panorama bubble. On the outskirts behind the Eiffel Tower you can pick out some of the France’s most famous skyscrapers in the Paris CBD, like Tour First, Tour T1, Tour Areva, Tour Carpe Diem, Tour Adria, and Tour Majunga.

THE MOST RENOWNED SIGHTS of a Paris panorama photo, all in one romantic I LOVE PARIS bubble. Paris, France sightseeing through a colorful skyline panorama of favorites tourist attractions, notable skyscrapers and buildings, and many of the best historic sights Paris has to offer.

THIS HIGH QUALITY 16” x 16” Limited Edition print is available with Black Framing 23" x 23" to compliment any décor. Get your limited edition unique slice of Paris, or delight your friends with the perfect holiday, birthday or housewarming gift!



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